New! Will Call Warehouse/Order Fulfillment

PRIORITY ONE COURIER, INC. “WILLCALL CENTER” – a better alternative to warehouse leasing on Oahu

WillCall is a better way to handle your distribution needs. Our experienced WillCall warehousing and distribution company has helped many small businesses reach their goals.

Our WillCall will:
1) Alleviate the stress and expense of managing your own warehouse
2) No employees and related expenses such as payroll, health insurance, workman’s comp insurance, TDI, paid vacations or sick leave. No HR concerns.
3) No equipment purchases (forklifts, office equipment, etc)
4) No worries about facility management (OSHA, Fire Department, Utilities, repairs and maintenance.
5) No need for expensive Warehouse Management Systems. We set up your inventory control and report to you each month.
6) We handle everything from receiving your merchandise, putting it away, data entry, order pulling and packing, packing slip printing and scheduling with your choice of shipping methods. WillCall, UPS, FedEx or USPS.
7) We have a clean, dry facility with easy access to major roadways. 
8) You pay for exactly what you need each month. If your inventory levels or service orders are lower for the month, your expenses will be lower too. No more paying for empty warehouse space.
9) Insurance costs? Have you figured how much insurance you will need to carry if you have a home based business? What if your potential customer slips and falls on your property? 
10) Parking – your customers will enjoy the ease of parking when picking up their orders.
If you are a small business or perhaps just starting to get your home business off the ground – but you are not always home to meet your customer and give them their orders – our WillCall center is just what you need. You will have more time to concentrate on making your business grow. You can work from home, from your car, or anywhere. Your orders come to us and we fulfill your order. Our convenient hours insure that your product is available for pick up. We also offer door to door delivery on Oahu.
More than 10 million people have decided to start their own business from home so they can devote more time to being with their children while taking this challenging economy into their own hands. But in reality you need discipline, motivation and organization to make it work. When you get that customer, you need to know that you can keep that customer coming back for more product. Having a home business can hinder that goal as customers have to come to your home to pick up their products. You may be in the middle of family time, dinner time, homework with your small children, or doing household chores. Maybe you have family and friends over. It is not always convenient to make the time to be home to meet the customer.
Now there is an alternative. For a fraction of the cost, you can have your products warehoused and distributed. No more interruptions during family time. No more waiting and waiting for customers to show up to pick up their products or brochures. It is safer, easier, and more convenient. “WillCall” can increase your profits.
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