About our Services

Since our inception in 1990, Priority One Courier, Inc. has been a leader in the pick up and delivery industry.  Serving our community with pride, our staff of insured couriers provide reliable pick-ups and deliveries throughout Hawaii.  

We provide a wide range of delivery options, from economy scheduled options to rush deliveries. We are the courier of choice for legal documents, medical deliveries and more.  We can file in court and deliver copies to parties involved as well as a copy back to you.  We will deliver your payroll, deliver to a residence in the evening, or business to business.  We also inter-office mail delivery and offer concierge services.

We offer short term warehousing, product fulfillment, mailing and WillCall services.

Our business has been built on customer satisfaction and referrals - helping us to grow every year since 1990.  We attribute this growth with a simple motto:  "Priority One Courier - where YOUR package is our number 1 priority."

Call us today.  Let us see what we can do to help you with your delivery needs.


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