Business Services

Legal Documents: We can file in court, hand deliver filed copies to parties involved, and deliver a copy back to you the same day.

Medical/Specimen Delivery: Success in the medical industry depends on the proper delivery of medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Test samples must be handled properly and in a timely manner. Priority One Courier can handle your samples on time, with chain of custody forms completed. Relax, we can provide dry ice if necessary. We will pick up in Honolulu, pack, and drop to FedEx or UPS to be sent to Mainland.

LTL Delivery: We can handle multiple package shipments, small pallets, etc. Inside delivery with pallet jack, dolly or handtruck.

WILLCALL CENTER: a better alternative to warehouse leasing on Oahu.

Our experienced WillCall warehousing and distribution company has helped many small businesses reach their goals.

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